Cooking In The Forex

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“The Forex can make your wildest dreams come true…BUT it is not a
get rich quick requires work, study, continuous education,
discipline and perseverance”.
This book is designed to distill the major pieces into a simple “easy to digest”
When it comes to successful Forex trading, there are two basic strategies used by the majority
of traders: fundamental analysis and technical analysis.
Fundamental Analysis In fundamental analysis, Forex traders look for causes that might trigger market fluctuations.
These may include political activities, financial policies, growth rates and other factors.
As you can imagine, fundamental analysis of the Forex market can be fairly difficult. For that
reason, most traders use fundamental analysis only to predict long-term trends.
But a few use fundamental analysis for short-term trades. They review different currency value
indicators that are released several times throughout the day, such as:
Consumer Price Index
Purchasing Managers Index
Non-farm Payrolls (the mother of all Fundamental Announcements)
Retail Sales
Durable Goods

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