Electric Motor Controls Tutorial

Electric Motor & Controls Tutorial
Once the proper motor is selected, understanding the many various control devices available and
their uses and limitations becomes an important part related to reliable operation and protection of the motor and the personnel using the motor.
There are four major motor control topics or categories to consider. Each of these has several
subcategories and sometimes the subcategories overlap to some extent. Certain pieces of motor
control equipment can accomplish multiple functions from each of the topics or categories.
Motor protection safeguards the motor, the supply system and personnel from various operating
conditions of the driven load, the supply system or the motor itself.
Overcurrent protection is required to protect personnel, the motor branch circuit conductors,
control equipment, and motor from these high currents.
Overcurrent protection is usually provided in the form of fuses or circuit breakers. These
devices operate when a short circuit, ground fault or an extremely heavy overload occurs.
Most overcurrent sources produce extremely large currents very quickly.
Manual Motor Starters
Magnetic Motor Starters
Manual Motor Starters
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